Ravens Bring the Lombardi Trophy Back to Baltimore!

Written by Jayme Sweigart, for nflfemale.com  Sunday February, 3, 2013 is a day Baltimore won’t forget for quite some time.  Their beloved Ravens have won the Superbowl and are the World Champions.  Give me a second as those words penetrate…THE … Continue reading

How to milk this Super Bowl victory as long as possible

Written by: Rachel Monroe  for Baltimore Fishbowl Winning the Super Bowl should be like celebrating a significant birthday — it’s important to milk it for all you’ve got, and to make it last as long as possible. Who knows when we’ll get … Continue reading

Open Letter to Ray Lewis Part #1

Written by Annie Middlestadt for her blog Charm City Annie. BmoreChix will share Annie’s letter in a three part series. To view in it’s entirety go to Annie’s blog. Annie wrote this on January 2, 2013 before the January 6th Ray Lewis’ last home … Continue reading

Joe Cool Leads Ravens To Super Bowl!

Written by Jayme Sweigart for NFLFemale.com   I’m so EXCITED and I just CAN’T HIDE IT!!!  I know I’m not alone in this mentality as all of Baltimore is still on an emotional high following the Ravens win over New England … Continue reading