Jacoby survives elimination but with plans for his return to B’More

A shocking twist touched close to home this week on DWTS, as Jacoby and Karina (ballroom favorites as the top male competitor) were announced as one of the bottom three couples and, therefore, candidates for elimination.  Although two spots higher … Continue reading

Oh No He Didn’t…Newly Signed McClain Ruffled Feathers in Baltimore

Rolando McClain made headlines in Baltimore before setting foot on the field. McClain signed a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens on April 10. His chances of playing like a Raven decreased when he was arrested for disorderly conduct Sunday … Continue reading

Ravens MVP Honored to Play One of the Greatest of All Time

Life is good for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. He led his team to a Super Bowl win, was named MVP, received a five-year contract for $120 million and now he will portray former Baltimore Colts quarterback, Johnny Unitas in … Continue reading