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Kosmo Krys

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“Kosmo” Krys  is a native of Baltimore and lives in Northern Baltimore County.  She has been a football fan “since forever.”  Both of her parents were die-hard Colts fans.  Growing up in her family, Sunday’s were meant for watching Colts football and eating a pasta supper during the halftime.  She still can’t get over the loss of our Baltimore Colts and all of  the memorabilia. When the Ravens came to Baltimore “all was right again” in her world.  “Kosmo” enjoys football from the female point of view which means she is not just watching what happens on the playing field.  Fan fashion, tailgate menus, player sideline antics and social networks are on her game day agenda.

Counting her blessings everyday she is grateful for a wonderful family, a strong circle of friends and good health. Her interests include fitness, traveling, community service, dancing, laughing and spending time with family and friends. She is lucky to have found her dream career; Quarter Backk for BmoreChix.com!

Andrea is the Executive Editor for ShoreBread Magazine. She’s written everything from radio, newspaper and magazine articles, to creative non-fiction pieces. Her work has been nationally published. She has worked with non-profits and academic departments, acting as editor for various publications. In a past life she was a writer, columnist, and Managing Editor in Philadelphia. Andrea is particularly interested in the topics of motherhood, philanthropy, food, history, and alternative approaches to health. She loves cooking, aspires to practice yoga daily, and would live directly on the beach, even as a squatter, if it were legal. She is kept busy by playing referee to her two children.

Jen Carle is a native Baltimorean who was thrown like football as an infant, classmate of many Baltimore Colts’ kids, Mayflower Van boycotter and Ravens lover within the legal limits of stalking. When she is not irritating Captain DEE fense’s fans with her picture of kissing his cheek at a charity event, Jen works at her husband’s busy medical practice in order to support her writing habit. She is the author of Finally Winsome; A Face of Prozac; Becoming Waldo; and My College Boyfriend Dumped Me for You; Can I Add You as a Friend? Jen is also a neurotic mother to her two teenage sons, a huge fan of her adopted dog, and an advocate for animal rights. When Reese Witherspoon returns Jen’s calls and agrees to play Jen in the movie versions of the books, Jen will start a foundation that pays for the medical needs of at risk domestic animals. Until that happens, she urges all of you to support your local animal shelters.

Ariann’s story, Air for short, is the same ole love story. Girl from Southern Arizona meets boy from Baltimore; girl knows more about football than boy; girl and boy fall in love, get married, girl becomes BIG Ravens fan; girl and boy move to Baltimore. Air grew up on sports, but football was always the favorite. Since Az did not have a team while she was growing up and growing up an Army bratt, this introduced her to different fans of different teams in different cities (and countries). Since she had a family tie with an NFL coach, she followed wherever he went. 12 years later, a chance meeting with a guy from Baltimore, sparked a love for the Ravens. That spark has turned into a flame that will never die.

Interests She’s sassy, sarcastic, fun, and opinionated, and would pick a sporting event over a mani & pedi. She has been married for 12 years, has 2 spawns of the devil boys, and loves reading, writing, and traveling. She believes that to be happy you have to have the 4 “F’s” of life: Family, Friends, Food, and Football!

Emily Blank

Emily is a seventeen year old girl who is a diehard Ravens fan currently living in northern Virginia. While living in the middle of Redskins country, she’s not afraid to show her love and passion for Baltimore. Her father, born and raised in Baltimore took Emily under his wing and raised her into the Ravens family. She goes up to Baltimore frequently, whether it’s visiting the city, going to games, or spending time with friends and family. Emily plans to live in Baltimore someday and study to be a journalist or teacher. She loves any and everything that is associated with Baltimore and has a major addiction to football.

Erica Bolton

All things purple and black and born to be a Ravens fan!  Erica started cheerleading for football at the ripe old age of 8. It helped her learn the game, so when she moved to Baltimore from Delaware, she jumped on board with the passionate purple ladies she worked with. Her first game was in 2008, and since then she’s become a tailgating, game-watching, fantasy-football-loving obsessed Ravens fan (and she’s never looked back). Erica works for a marketing agency in Columbia as a Social Media Coordinator, so you can find her all over the web.

Amanda Cabaday


Amanda arrived in Baltimore in 2001 as a fresh faced law student. Always a football fan, her love for the Ravens was solidified in 2007 when she purchased a season ticket. If she’s not at the game, you can usually find her at Mother’s loudly clapping and often times yelling at the T.V. Amanda recently returned from four months traveling through Southeast Asia. Even though she was in paradise, she counts missing the home playoff game as one of the saddest days of her life. You can follow her on twitter: @FedHillGal

Katrina Carter

Katrina Carter from Frederick, MD I graduated from East Carolina University and currently have the boring job of working in Contracting for the Government. I’m a sports nut, whether it’s playing softball or going to or watching games. I will pretty much turn most conversations into something about sports even if the others don’t want to talk about it. Who wants to talk politics or the economy especially during the playoffs? I have and always will bleed purple and black and throw in some Orioles orange.

Check out Bthesite.com’s article on Katrina– She is  the ultimate fan!

Emily Colliflower


Hello, I’m Emily Colliflower from Westminster, MD and I’m a freshman at Penn State majoring in print journalism with a minor in economics. Sports obsessed would probably the best words to describe me although I am a person who just likes to learn. A nerd basically. I have played lacrosse and field hockey all my life and I was the starting goalie on my high schools undefeated state champion field hockey team my senior year. I bleed purple and black, I love the Washington Capitals, and even though I have never been a huge baseball fan I always cheers for the O’s. My hope is to eventually have a career in sports journalism so I can talk about sports all the time and actually have people listen to me instead of just nod as if they know what I am talking about. You can follow me on twitter at @EmColli.

Darla Burns Cornett


Darla Burns Cornett has a Broadcast Journalism degree from Frostburg State University where she also did the campus news and played lacrosse, earning all-american recognition in 2000.  Post college, she had a column with e-lacrosse as well as a webcast from 2001-2010.  Once developing her passion for Ravens football she added brief stints on the radio with Tony Lombardi at CBS Radio, espn, and a guest spot with Rex Snider on WNST.  Currently she is married with 2 boys residing in Severna Park, MD with a line of organic sauces and frequenting blogging about the Ravens.

Heather Fitzpatrick


Heather lives in Warrenton, Va with her family and writes children’s books in her spare time.   Her first book, “The Day I Saw a Dragonfly” helps families with the loss of a loved one.  A sweet tale about angels riding on the wings of dragonflies brings comfort during such a difficult time.

Her second book is “Chuck, The Chicken That Thought He Was A Duck” is about unconditional love.  The kind of love a mother has for her children even if they are different. Besides writing, Heather coaches soccer and enjoys staying active. Click here to learn more about Heather’s books.


Being a football fan can sometimes be hard work! Join Christa the author – Game Girl – as she chronicles the trails and tribulations of being a die-hard football fan! She is a fun read for football fans and even those who don’t like football (GASP!)

Click here to visit Christa’s blog page.
Stephanie is a native of Baltimore, and currently resides in the heart of Redskins territory, Northern, VA, or “NOVA” as it is referred to by the locals. She works as a Contract Administrator for a large for profit education company and is in pursuit of her BBA in Acquisition and Contract Management at Strayer University; graduation slated for 2013/14. She is an avid Ravens fan, and all that know her would concur that she bleeds purple and black. It’s all purple all the time whether a dress for a friends wedding, mixing up “purpletini’s”, jewelry, a garden, or accessorizing her home. The Ravens, her friends & family,and her rescued dog Chief Raven truly bring her the greatest joy.

Interests: Wacco for Flacco & the Baltimore Ravens! I’m a Ravens fan & damn proud of it! I would describe myself as someone that is loyal, honest, loving, passionate, AND silly at times; I have been described as “bubbly”, “vivacious”, “outgoing”, “artistic”, “a dreamer”, “an optimist”, “romantic”, “a beautiful singer”, “deep”. . to name a few.





Grilling 24 x 7


I’m John and I live near Baltimore, MD. I have quite the interesting background. For most of my college and graduate school time I was a total science nerd. I was immersed in molecular genetics and earned a Ph.D. in the field. After years of painful laboratory work I decided that lab work was not for me. I landed a desk job applying what I had learned in the lab to the real world. This was great. I was out of the lab, finally. But that inner urge to tinker with things wasn’t being satisfied. I then focused all my energy on charcoal grilling, tailgating and cooking in general. So if you think I get a little technical or add a small bit of science to the grilling, now you know why!In addition to writing www.grilling24x7.com  and BmoreChix.com , I also write for  Glen Burnie Patch, and Kingsford Charcoal’s Grilling.com.Feel free to contact me if you have any particular product you would like me to review or discuss. [email protected]

Jen Heasley


Jen is the Host of Jen Heasley is Cooking with the Pros television show and weekly blog. As a sports, food, and entertainment enthusiast, Jen’s goal is to bring together athletes with their beloved fans over fantastic home cooked food. Jen has worked with NFL Pro Bowler’s Billy Cundiff and Michael Robinson along with NFL players Derrick Williams, Aaron Maybin, Morgan Cox, Brit Miller, Curtis Brinkley, Jarett Dillard, Derrick Morgan, DeMeco Ryans, Stephen Bowen. Retired players Keith Goganious, Tyoka Jackson and Troy Drayton. Team USA and Olympic Soccer Player Nicole Barnhart (goalkeeper). Jen looks forward to many new faces on her show. Jen has covered many various sporting events and recently had the opportunity to film a behind the scenes at the Baltimore Ravens training facility. She interviewed Head Chef Nick Goff and Director of Food Service, Tenille Moore. Follow Jen on her iphone and android app. It’s Free!!! Search cooking with pros. http://cookingwiththepros.wordpress.com/



Reeta The NFL Chick 

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I’m a lady that loves pumps and pigskin equally. A Baltimore Native, HUGE Ravens fan and a Philip Rivers apologist is what I represent. I worked for the Ravens during the 2007 and 2008 seasons as an audio assistant in the Rave TV Department. I also worked as a weekend producer with WBAL radio from 2008-2010, assisting with the Ravens Postgame programming.


I decided to display my love for my team as well as the sport of football by launching thenflchick.com in 2008. I’m also the co-founder of gridirongals.com, a website created so that women of all 32 teams could write about their love for their favorite team. I’ve been a guest of various media outlets, including Inside PressBox, The Rob Long Show and the Big Sis & Company Show.

Football is something I’m passionate about and love to share my thoughts/comments on.  Hopefully you’ll either learn something or laugh when reading my blog.  I just like to make people smile.  To sum it up… I think I’m pretty awesome at this football thing!




Renee Johnston


Learning the game from the stands in college, Renee has been a football fan for almost 20 years. She is currently married to a high school football coach and enjoys watching all levels of football from high school, to college and the NFL. Renee is the Director of Operations for Complete QB, a Quarterback training organization, which provides 2-day Camps, individual and group training nationwide.

Renee is  Director of Operations at Complete QB. To learn more go to ww.completeqb.com




My name is Leigh, I’m 31, and I’m living the dream in Baltimore, Md.  Ok, so maybe its not the dream, but I love t!!  I’m a huge sports fan, and I LOVE my Ravens, Orioles, and Terps.  In addition, I’m a “Blockhead”, a fan of New Kids On The Block.  I’m also mommy to an adorable 2 year old Shih Tzu named Coco Chanel.  For Ravens, O’s, NKOTB and the occasional traffic related tweet, follow me @FridayKnight81

Mandy Knight

Mandy graduated from Salisbury University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Media Production and a Minor in Marketing Management. She played softball at Salisbury University, and her senior year she interned in the sports department at WBOC FOX21 in Salisbury, Maryland. She was later hired at WBOC as a photographer/editor. Now she works for the production company Filmsters located in Annapolis. She also covers on-camera women’s interest pieces for the organization Connecting Women in Media. Recently, the NFL Network hired Mandy to be a crewmember during the “Harbaugh Bowl” on Thanksgiving against the 49ers. She says it was a Thanksgiving that will go down in the books! Mandy’s family has season tickets at M&T Bank. She bleeds purple and black and believes the Ravens have what it takes to win the Super Bowl this year. Her goal is to be a sideline reporter for the NFL Network.

Chef Nancy Longo


Chef Nancy Longo started cooking at the age of 7 with her Italian Grandmother who taught her and all of her family to cook. For the past 18 years she has been the owner and chef of Pierpoint Restaurant. And for the last 15 years has been representing the Baltimore Ravens at the SuperBowl’s Taste of the NFL event raising money for Hunger Related charities.  For more information on this event : www.tasteofthenfl.com

Purple Maven


My moniker of Purple Maven was going to be the name of a business I wanted to start. Alas, I have no money, so now I’m Purple Maven on this fine site. I was born and raised in Baltimore County, lived in the city for many years, and then moved south to Edgewater to get closer to the water. (Well, cleaner water anyway.) I graduated from Boston College where my love of football was born (I didn’t grow up watching NFL since my parents never picked another team after the Colts left town on that snowy March night). As soon as it was announced that Baltimore was getting an NFL team, I was a fan that very minute (before we even had team colors or a name). My husband and I were dating and penniless when the Ravens were born so we had to wait a few years before we could afford PSLs. We finally pulled the trigger during the 2000 season. We have 9 seats together with friends and it was the best money we ever spent. Before our daughter was born, we made at least one road game per season including Tampa for Super Bowl XXXV (we didn’t get tickets, we watched the game with Ravens fans at Whiskey Joe’s).

Interests I know more about Ravens football (and the NFL in general) than my husband does (and he’s the first one to admit it). I’m a Ravens chick through and through. I even got into a huge fight with a friend recently because he thought I was a little over-the-top. I kicked him out of my house. When I’m not watching the Ravens, I’m raising a 4-year-old Ravens chick, traveling to warmer climates, researching about health and nutrition, and working for Bisciotti’s other business (Allegis Group/TEKsystems).

Tracie Mac

Tracie lives in Catonsville, MD. She is an education administrator for a university in Baltimore. Tracie is a single Momma of a Beautiful 5 year old little girl. She is a huge Ravens and Orioles fan.  She began blogging just a few months ago, and wonders why she waited so long!  Her blog name: Milf: a single Momma’s Indiscretions in Life after Forty.  She explains her blog, “it’s a comical take on the ridiculousness I call my life as a 40something single momma. I want you to laugh AT me! www.mommamacsmilf.blogspot.com

Krista Ozarowski

Email:  twitter @kristaoz

I have lived a hop, skip, and a jump away from Baltimore her whole life and in Pasadena.  I love books, good food, a nice glass of wine, video games, and most importantly.. sports above all else. A Maryland Alum, I not only support the Birds but the Terps too. I’m “mildly” obsessed with football and all things Ngata and no matter where I am, you can find me cheering on my teams from a couch, restaurant/bar, or stadium nearby. I like to be front and center and you’ve probably seen me on ESPN during MD football games with a big sign or at Ravens training camp decked out in purple and black. I respect the game and the players…though I do not like the Colts, Steelers, Yankees, Giants, Jets (okay, any team from New York or PA) with a passion. I like to play fantasy football and can hold my own in any conversation about sports – just bring it on! I’m married to a Boston sports fan, so my life is anything but boring.

Stephanie Patz 


I was born and raised in the great state of Maryland and I was a year old when the colts moved, so I grew up without football. I didn’t start watching the Ravens until about 5 years ago, but in a short amount of time, I fell madly in love. From July until January, football is at the forefront of my life. In my mind, I’d rather be freezing at a Ravens game than anywhere else. In the last two years, I’ve been learning about fantasy football, and I run a ladies league to encourage more women to get in the game! No reason the boys should have all the fun! Outside of football, I love food, wine, beer, and reading. When I’m not working, I’m at home with my puppy or out with friends.

Ami Reist

Ami is a full-time staff writer for ShoreBread Magazine. She grew up in the small town of Palmyra, PA and relocated to Ocean City, MD after graduating from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. She has written for several magazines, websites, a television station, and is a copy writer. Ami is a green-loving girl who supports eco-friendly lifestyles. When she’s not at work or cheering on the Ravens, she can be found in her garden, sewing, tending to her bees, or hanging out with her labradoodle. Ami works in the bridal business, too and owns a wedding coordinating and dress company, Little Miss Lovely.

Melissa was born and bred in Baltimore and currently resides in Washington, DC. She is a self-professed sports addict and a lifelong Baltimore sports fan, her favorite team is the Ravens. Since she was young when the Colts were shipped out of town and she grew up without a football team, she became a die-hard Ravens fan and is in constant need of a football fix. In the real world she is a web/social media maven, though her dream job would be in the sports world and until the dream becomes reality, she spends her spare time writing and obsessing about her beloved Ravens. Follow Melissa on Twitter: @egoddess1

Christy is the author of a column published in ShoreBread Magazine called A Lucky Girl’s Life. She shares her personal experience and dispenses advice based on her wealth of knowledge as the owner of Lucky Girl Bath and Beauty. She has a dual certification as both an esthetician and Feng Shui Consultant. Christy works as an esthetician at Robin Walter Salon and Spa in Ocean Pines, MD. She is also an educator and distributor for raw organic rainforest products from Amazon Herb.

Sheila Tequila

Sheila loves life, music, sports and of course opining about any and all of the above. She enjoys downtown, first downs, touchdowns and of course…oh never mind. One of Sheila’s favorite lifetime moments was the experience of Super Bowl XXXV while sitting amongst a sea of Giants fans. She enjoys movies (Gladiator, Godfather, Shawshank being among her favorites). Her favorite books are Cliff Notes. Don’t underestimate this one! Although 110 pounds soaking wet, she brings it in all walks of life.

Lauren Vitrano 


Lauren grew up in Baltimore County, naturally cheering for the O’s as they were the only pro team in town (Colts left the year she was born, sadly). She’s still upset that Mike Mussina, her old favorite, went to the Yankees. Her dad, a die-hard Colts fan, was determined to get Lauren and her brother cheering for the Ravens when the team came to Baltimore. He took her to the Ravens’ first game and taught her the rules, and soon enough, she was hooked. Now living in Arlington, Virginia (Redskins country, but also home to some Steelers fans…), Lauren at times finds herself in hostile territory, but is as serious a Ravens fan as they come. She rocks the purple proudly every Friday, even though most people in her office don’t even know what Purple Friday is. She understands football better than some of her guy friends, and is a fantasy football fanatic, having participated (and once won!) the past five seasons. Her Facebook friends probably get sick of her endless Ravens-related posts during the football season. Lauren’s passions in life include B-more sports and music, so expect some posts intertwining the two.

Meghan Welsh  


Meghan is a South Baltimore Native who spent the first part of her life football team-less due to the impromptu departure of the beloved Colts to Indy. The Orioles last won a World Series 3 days after her birth, so she was born into baseball fandom. While the orange and black hold a special place in her heart, there was a bit of room left for Baltimore’s other birds.

Her love for the Ravens developed over the past 10 years, and has gone from a passing cheer to a burning passion. She likes tailgating by 8AM, celebrates Purple Friday year-round, and will choose a Bloody Mary over a Mimosa any day. She is a Towson University graduate who now resides in the ‘Dena with her one year-old daughter. Follow her on Twitter: @qweenofdiamonds

Crystal W


Crystal was born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.   Currently living in Baltimore County, Crystal is pursuing her MBA degree in Marketing while playing the role of wife to her husband of three years and Mom to their new baby boy.  After moving to Baltimore ten years ago, she became an instant Ravens fan and never looked back.  She is passionate about all things football, including fantasy football, but especially the Ravens.  She has participated in over 15 fantasy football leagues in the past five years.   Her knowledge of football and the players rivals most of the men she knows.  Her interests include her son, reading, fitness, wine, and football, football, football.

Gina Zanghi 

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Gina was born and raised just north of the Mason Dixon in York County, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of a wonderful mother and father and the youngest sister to four siblings. Gina at 12-years-old first fell in love with the Baltimore Ravens during its win at Super Bowl 35 in ‘00-‘01. She taught herself the knowledge of the game and would later become a super fan during the Harbaugh-Flacco era. Gina graduated college with an Associate’s Degree in Business Management and is currently continuing her education in the field of Corporate Communications. She also works full-time but is seeking opportunity to again work at the collegiate level, specifically in student athletic communications or student services. Gina is embracing the single-woman life and is determined and focused on achieving her goals. When it comes to Gina’s interests and hobbies, growing up she could be found dancing and playing basketball; though now you might find her working on her newly-found love-for-golf game… (FORE!!) Gina also enjoys writing, fitness, a glass of vino and watching PGATour golf and NFL football. She appreciates embracing the best of both worlds – on one hand: getting rowdy during the game… but keeping it classy, girly-girl on the other!