About Us (Letters from the Founders)

A Letter from Tony …

A couple of years ago I discussed an upcoming Ravens game with my wife and during the conversation she brought to my attention that she needed to buy a new Ravens top for the game.

Naturally I said, “Honey, you have all those barely worn Ravens tops. What’s wrong with those?”

Her reply (and ladies you know this is coming…): “New game, new top!”

I quickly realized that marketing cool original Ravens tees to guys who wore their Ray Lewis jerseys for a decade or more (sometimes not even washing them during winning streaks) was WHACK! I needed to shift my attention to needy ladies like my wife (just kidding baby!).

You see it was at that next game, watching my wife lose her mind over a Ray Rice touchdown while jumping up and down in her new sequin Flacco jersey that women don’t enjoy football any less than men. They just enjoy it differently.

And this epiphany of sorts paved the way to what is now RavensChix.com and what will soon be known as B’more Chix. DID YOU KNOW THAT 73% OF PURCHASING DECISIONS ARE MADE BY WOMEN? Since we started RavensChix.com we’ve seen women come together because of their love for the Ravens. But the interesting thing is, they stay together for any one of a number of reasons: friendship, fashion, community, cuisine, fun, bling, networking…the list goes on.

The energy of Ravens Chix and its possibilities have us all at 24×7 Networks (the parent company of award winning Ravens24x7.com) so jazzed that we’ve decided to invest our time and money into this fully blown, highly interactive website intended specifically for women who love the Ravens, the NFL, life and quite frankly spending money.

B’more Chix promises to be an exciting, innovative and one-of-a-kind platform for our visitors as well as our customers. Buckle your chinstraps ladies. This is going to be a fun ride!

And now for more on B’more Chix, I’ll turn it over to the quarterback of our Queendom, Krys Renzi.

To the pursuit of new frontiers,
Tony Lombardi
Fan & Founder of Profootball24x7.com

A Letter from Krys …

Ola Chicas,

I’m delighted to have you join me at BmoreChix.com! I was so excited when Tony shared his idea to create web and social media sites for female football fans to talk football, network and shop! The concept just screams success!

Only problem, Tony “the idea guru” is a guy (no disrespect my friend).  He doesn’t really get being a woman.  A site for women needs a woman in the quarterback position!  Thus Tony, being the creative, insightful, smart minded force behind Baltimore’s best fan site RaveOn24x7, recognized his gender disadvantage. Wisely he has invited me, aka Kosmo Krys, to become the QB for Bmore Chix’ Queendom.

I am more than thrilled to jump in!  I am an enthusiastic football fan, a “social butterfly” (to quote my sweet husband), an internet junkie and a diva-fashonista minded female.  Who better than “Kosmo” to help build a site that offers the NFL’s most fabulous female fans a cozy web destination. I love Ravens football and bleed purple 24×7 365 days! As a woman, I show my love for football differently than die-hard male fans.  It’s not just the on the field game, team standings and stats that I keep my eye on.  Ladies stay with me here … cause you know I’m talking to you!

Bmore Chix embraces the much larger picture that women have of football.  It’s about the pregame tailgate recipes, the fan gear, the fan inspired rituals, the purple friendly local watering holes, the away game destinations, taking pictures, the social networking and it is about the Baltimore community that our team and fans support.

As much as I love football it is just part of who I am and what I love! Like most of us, I am a woman who handles a full plate of life’s many blessings (i.e. family, friends, home and career).

Thus Ravens football is the common ground for women to meet and chat about all of the things important to us.  BmoreChix.com offers thought provoking opinionated blogs, invitations to build networks through events, funny and witty tid bits, unique must-have Ravens fashion and décor, information on current topics and trends, and inspiring dialogs about local heroines and charities.

Bmore Chix entices women to empower each other to become the best female, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt, niece, partner, spouse, and girlfriend we can be!

Ladies, I’m so excited to offer you a cozy home where you can bleed purple, let your hair down, sip your favorite beverage, and chat with your girls!

I look forwarding to meeting you in the Ladies Room….where we Huddle in Heels

Rave On’

Krys Renzi Quarterback, Bmore Chix Queendom

P.S. I thank Tony for the opportunity to use my energy and talents to build a fun-loving and healthy community for women.  A special thank you to Will, my husband for his endless patience and encouragement.