About Thompson Creek

We can’t say it enough – we’re proud that we’ve been doing this for so long – with such great success. In the 30+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve learned a few things here and there, and are excited to share them with you.

Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

For many, decorating your home and entryway for the holidays is both enjoyable and rewarding. Garland flanking your front door, wreaths with bows on windows, lights on the bushes, and a beautifully-lit tree full of ornaments makes a house feel … Continue reading

Easy Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

As energy costs rise and household budgets tighten, homeowners are looking for ways to save money. There are projects you can undertake in your home to reduce your utility bills. Old drafty windows and front doors can be replaced with … Continue reading

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Heating Choices for Mid-Atlantic Homes

For most homes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, home heating is the highest energy expense in your budget. The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) estimates that home heating accounts for 45% of a family’s energy bills. So how you … Continue reading

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Feeding Birds and Squirrels This Winter

While much of the wildlife we enjoy during the warmer months has left us, there are still some critters around during the winter. Red fox, raccoon, and gray squirrels are all active throughout the winter in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington … Continue reading

Decorate Safely This Holiday Season

This time of year is a festive one. And with Thanksgiving behind us, decorating for the holidays is now in full swing for many families. Homeowners all across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC are hanging wreaths, decorating trees, and stringing … Continue reading

Fall Exterior of Your Home Cleanup

The warm days of summer are quickly becoming a distant memory. And the signs are all around your yard. Leaves are making a quick descent from the trees and onto your lawn and gutters. Many annuals are on their last … Continue reading

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