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I was born and raised in the great state of Maryland and I was a year old when the colts moved, so I grew up without football. I didn’t start watching the Ravens until about 5 years ago, but in a short amount of time, I fell madly in love. From July until January, football is at the forefront of my life. In my mind, I’d rather be freezing at a Ravens game than anywhere else. In the last two years, I’ve been learning about fantasy football, and I run a ladies league to encourage more women to get in the game! No reason the boys should have all the fun! Outside of football, I love food, wine, beer, and reading. When I’m not working, I’m at home with my puppy or out with friends.

We are talking Playoffs! NFL Fantasy Football Playoffs

Playoffs, baby! Well, fantasy football playoffs, that is. If your team(s) made it to the playoffs, congrats! I’m sure you had a nerve racking year, filled with last minute decisions and obsessive stat tracker viewing. But don’t relax yet, because … Continue reading

What does it take to be a Baltimore Ravens “Super Fan”?

I think we can all agree that the Ravens have the best fans in the NFL. In addition to having amazing fans, the Ravens also have a plethora of “Super Fans” that have popped up over the last 16 years. … Continue reading

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Sandy is messing with the coast AND my fantasy team!

With Hurricane Sandy making its way up the coast this weekend, most people are focused on the important things. Go to the grocery store, fight for the last gallon of milk and 8 pack of toilet paper, change the batteries … Continue reading

Are international teams the future of the NFL?

This weekend, the Patriots and the Rams will fly to London, England to play what has become an annual game at the iconic Wembley Stadium. While the tradition of playing regular season games at Wembley has only existed since 2007, … Continue reading

Unorganized Observations~ Do The Baltimore Ravens Have A Secondary?

Well, that was depressing. Honestly, I went into the Texans game with the assumption of a loss. It was going to be a hard game to win even without the injuries, considering the Texans are a really good team, and … Continue reading

Unorganized Observations ~ Week 6

I’m not feeling my normal day-after-a-victory self. No warm fuzzies, no extra spring in my step. I just feel blah. While a sad win is, by far, better than a brutal loss (a la Steelers, Patriots, Bengals, Texans), I really … Continue reading

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Unorganized Observations ~ Week 5 of the NFL

And the Ravens gave the term ‘Ugly Win’ a new definition on Sunday. Considering how many games they lost on the road to bad teams last year, fans should be counting their blessings that the trend didn’t continue. In all … Continue reading

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