About Lauren

Lauren grew up in Baltimore County, naturally cheering for the O’s as they were the only pro team in town (Colts left the year she was born, sadly). She’s still upset that Mike Mussina, her old favorite, went to the Yankees. Her dad, a die-hard Colts fan, was determined to get Lauren and her brother cheering for the Ravens when the team came to Baltimore. He took her to the Ravens’ first game and taught her the rules, and soon enough, she was hooked. Now living in Arlington, Virginia (Redskins country, but also home to some Steelers fans…), Lauren at times finds herself in hostile territory, but is as serious a Ravens fan as they come. She rocks the purple proudly every Friday, even though most people in her office don’t even know what Purple Friday is. She understands football better than some of her guy friends, and is a fantasy football fanatic, having participated (and once won!) the past five seasons. Her Facebook friends probably get sick of her endless Ravens-related posts during the football season. Lauren’s passions in life include B-more sports and music, so expect some posts intertwining the two.

My Life Dating a Steelers Fan…

We met about six years ago, and once I discovered his allegiance, I just never thought it could work. I’m a die-hard Ravens fan, he’s a die-hard Steelers fan. Match not made in heaven, right? Think again. You’d be surprised how … Continue reading