Jen Carle

About Jen Carle

Jen Carle is a native Baltimorean who was thrown like football as an infant, classmate of many Baltimore Colts’ kids, Mayflower Van boycotter and Ravens lover within the legal limits of stalking. When she is not irritating Captain DEE fense’s fans with her picture of kissing his cheek at a charity event, Jen works at her husband’s busy medical practice in order to support her writing habit. She is the author of Finally Winsome; A Face of Prozac; Becoming Waldo; and My College Boyfriend Dumped Me for You; Can I Add You as a Friend? Jen is also a neurotic mother to her two teenage sons, a huge fan of her adopted dog, and an advocate for animal rights. When Reese Witherspoon returns Jen’s calls and agrees to play Jen in the movie versions of the books, Jen will start a foundation that pays for the medical needs of at risk domestic animals. Until that happens, she urges all of you to support your local animal shelters.

Local Athletes Strut For PAWJECT RUNWAY

On Thursday, September 6, 2012, the Bay Cafe in Canton was transformed into a red carpeted catwalk for the adorable cats and dogs that are available for adoption from Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS); Baltimore City’s most crowded … Continue reading