Women Generally Wait 5 Years Before Seeking Help for What Issue???

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Urology is Not Just for Men

 I was originally referred to Chesapeake Urology in order to schedule an appointment for a vasectomy for my husband.  Chesapeake Urology is largest urology practice in the Mid-Atlantic Region, known for its most innovative urology care available.  Erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, kidney stones, male fertility, vasectomy and vasectomy reversals – Chesapeake Urology is trusted and provides cutting edge treatments.

I didn’t even think that women would need to see a urologist. In my mind, if anything were going on “down there,” you would reach out to your OB/GYN.

I was wrong.

More than 1/3 of Chesapeake Urology’s clients are women.  They treat everything from bladder control, pelvic prolapse and even cosmetic surgery.  Anything that has to do with your pelvic health to ensure that women can have a better lifestyle, Chesapeake Urology can help.

I have a friend *Kim that has experience bladder control issues ever since the birth of her son.  We joke about not making her laugh too hard or she will have to go change her pants.  I know this is embarrassing to her and making light is how she copes.  I also know that Kim thinks that this will resolve on its own, which I now know will not.

Here’s a scary statistic: most women with bladder control problems wait 4-5 years before they will see someone.  Maybe they think, like Kim, that it will fix itself.  Maybe it’s the fear of having a procedure.  Maybe it is being able to find the time to make the appointment.  Maybe they think it is just a part of aging and yet, it is not.

I urge you, if you have any discomfort or pelvic health issues, to reach out to Chesapeake Urology for a consult.  Their premiere women’s health unit has female doctors and patient navigators that caters to your comfort needs. They understand what you are going through.

Just because you can deal or work around with an issue, does not mean you should.

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