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If you’re a football lover – or even just a party lover who looks for any reason to entertain, even when you don’t know a thing about football {*cough, cough* talking about me here! Lol.} – you’ll love this super fun, super impressive – yet I promise still super simple! – football party food. Check it out….

A couple weeks ago, I was searching Pinterest for some super cool Superbowl party food idea. And I came across a picture of a stadium made of snacks, which led me to the uh-MAY-zing The Snackadium site is filled to the top with fun food ideas – but it’s not filled with many instructions. So – I’ll show you how to build your own Snackadium! Awesome, right?

Start with either a cookie sheet, {ignore that I used our super duper old one for this project, lol} or a foil baking sheet if you want something disposable – this is going to become your field. You could also use a thicker baking pan, if you wanted to make a 7-layer dip, instead of just the basics like I did. I started with the center section – and used guacamole for the playing field. My secret to making the lines nice and even is to use kabob sticks – those type that you get at Walmart in the BBQ section. Outline your “field” with sticks, and fill in with guacamole. Once you have it full – fill your other sides with salsa, and then nacho cheese. You can cover the sticks with the dips, and you won’t even see them. To finish your field, scoop a bunch of sour cream into a plastic sandwich baggie, snip off a tiny end, and pipe it out like frosting to draw lines on your field. Now you’ve got your football field – Easy peasy, right?

Next you want to build your goal posts. We used a package of pepperoni sticks – so good. As you can see in the picture, I used toothpicks to hold the pieces together. To get them to fit together tightly, you can push a spoon against the outside edge, to keep the toothpick from poking out through. Then cut a big square of cheese for the base, and attach it with another toothpick. Done!

For the outside wall of the Snack Stadium we used Rice Krispies Treats cut into squares, and held together with more toothpicks. I tried using homemade ones, but they were too soft. The store bought type worked MUCH better! And just one treat sheet gave me enough pieces to go all the way around, with a bit leftover.

Now you’re ready to assemble the stadium! You’ve got your playing field filled with dips, the Rice Krispies walls are ready to assemble, and your pepperoni goals are built. So – start putting together the wall all around your field, as large as you want to make it. Use a toothpick in between each Rice Krispies Square to keep it together. Then, fill the space in between the field and the wall with chips. {Another great idea that I saw was to add hot dogs all around that inside edge, to keep the chips from falling into the dips – so smart!} Then, put your goal posts in. You’re almost done!

One last piece – You have to make the football players! We used hot dogs cut into little pieces, and topped them with tiny cheese helmets. I’ve also seen little smokies as players, and Fritos corn chips as helmets. You could get really creative and use those tubes of cookie decorating icing to color the helmets to match the teams too. Put your players on the field – and bam! You’ve just built yourself a Snackadium!


We’d LOVE to see your fun food ideas too – if you’ve posted a cool project, leave us a link in the comments so that we can check it out. Or stop by and visit us on Facebook, and post a picture of your creation!

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