Life Insurance Benefits Secured for Grieving Family

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Paul N. Rouhana of Seigel Tully & Furrer, LLC was able to successfully secure life insurance benefits for a grieving family recently. The family had been asking the life insurance company for several years to honor the policy, with no success. After the firm’s involvement, including an on-site meeting at the Baltimore City

Police Headquarters, the life insurance company decided to honor the policy, as the family’s deceased loved one had intended.


Life insurance policies are supposed to protect families in the unfortunate event of a loved one’s death. Life insurance policies are valid, legally binding contracts between policy holders and insurance companies. So, how is it that life insurance companies can deny beneficiaries life insurance payments after they have lost their loved ones?

What goes on with some life insurance companies:

* Even though a policyholder pays monthly premiums for life insurance, his/her family or beneficiaries can be denied payment of life insurance.

* Insurance companies may use several tactics, such as canceling a policy retroactively, to ensure that the claim does not have to be paid.

* These illegitimate practices are common and all too often insurance companies are not held accountable

What you can do and how we can help:

It is important to know that the reasons for denied life insurance claims are frequently not legitimate and should always be closely examined and questioned. Life insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. For this reason, many insurance companies will do anything possible to avoid or delay payment.

* Our life insurance lawyers at STF Lawyers understand the ins and out of life insurance claims.

* We can help you dispute the wrongful denial of your life insurance claim.

*We have a successful case history of recovering monies from insurance companies for our clients.

Has your loved one’s life insurance death benefits claim been denied?

Contact us for a free consultation at STF Lawyers. Our life insurance lawyers have helped clients like you recover the funds they legally deserve from insurance companies. If you don’t receive the full amount from the policy that’s due, there is no fee for us. We are here to help you.