O’s vs D-backs: A series that divides Father and Daughter

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This is a series that I have been waiting for since I saw the schedule. The Baltimore Orioles are taking on the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Arizona. You see, this Arizona girl will always have a place in her heart for her home state. Baltimore is now the love of my life.

At times I miss Arizona. I miss the beauty that the desert provides, the lightening storms during Monsoon season, and my long time friends who still reside there. I miss the dry heat, the mild winters, but most of all I miss my dad.

You see, my dad is the reason I have the passion for sports that I have. Now you have to forgive him since he is a Arizona Cardinals and Dbacks fan. He is a born and bred Arizonian. I learned from him about sports, mainly baseball and football, not only how to play but what it means to be a true fan. I learned that you stick with your teams through ups and downs, you not only cheer them on when they are doing good but you lift them up when they are doing bad. You fall in love with the team and the players, you do not jump on the bandwagon of a team just because they are winning.

As I said before, he is a fan of the sport. He does follow what the Orioles and the Ravens are both doing. He has a particular fondness for JJ Hardy and Terrell Suggs who are both from Arizona. He’s played golf with Jim Palmer and mourned the passing of Earl Weaver. But the best thing of all, he cheers when the Red Sox and Yankees lose.

We have never rooted for the same teams except for The University of Arizona Wildcats. We have always been on opposite sides or in opposite dug outs and have always had the friendly banter back and forth during games. The gloating of a win and the teasing about a lose are exceptional fun. We have already had some fun this season, so with this series coming up you knew it was gonna get interesting.

We decided to place a friendly bet on the series. The problem was trying to figure out WHAT to bet. Do we bet on the series winner? Do we bet on the individual stats of players? What do we wager? When looking at the Orioles and D-backs side by side, these 2 teams are a lot alike. You have two scrappy teams with players who are finding ways to win. They have rookies who are making big impacts and veterans who are shining. These two teams were both never given a chance before the season started yet they are both in the hunt for a wildcard spot.

The wager had to be something fun. Money isn’t good because he would send that regardless if I asked. Merchandise from the other teams, naw cuz we would both wear them with not problems. When he was here in May, he bought an Orioles hat and cheered them on when we went to a game at Camden Yards. It had to be something fun and make a statement.

So, there it was Monday morning. The bets have been made and the wagers set.

Now come on O’s, don’t let me down! I really do not want to have to go out with my shoes on the wrong feet!

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