A Bmore Girl’s 2013 Summer Makeup Tips:

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Hey hons! It’s hazy hot and humid in Bmore, the counties, and down the ocean. In order to stay looking fresh and amazing that means less is more!

For summer you should always be starting your beauty routine with a sunscreen of 30+ (preferably already in your moisturizer, so you don’t forget to add it later) applied to a clean face. After that I suggest you put away the heavy foundations and powders in exchange for a tinted moisturizer or a BB or CC cream. BB and CC are basically jazzed up tinted moisturizers.
They are great because you can get several bennies from just one product such as moisture, sunscreen, a bit of coverage and in some products you get light diffusing properties, vitamins, etc. There are tons at your local drugstore so give one a try. I love buying these new products from places like Wal-Mart and Target because you can return them if you don’t love them, so you’ve got nothing to lose sister!

After your face is prepped, most gals only need to brush their brows, apply a smudge of eyeliner on the top lid, and a few coats of mascara. Although I’m not a huge fan of waterproof mascara it does have its place, and that would be on your lashes anytime you’re gonna be hot and sweaty, wet, or crying…just be sure to use a remover made for waterproof, otherwise you will lose lashes and create un-necessary wrinkles from all the effort it will take trying to get that stuff off…not good for anyone!

Next is a bit of bronzer or blush in all the places the sun hits: cheeks bones, bridge of nose, chin and forehead…BUT, not so fast…the only way for this to not look ridiculous is to use a matte bronzer in just a shade darker than your skin, apply a very small amount and blend well/ soften all edges. You can always add more, but unless you’re a pro it’s difficult to take down a heavy application of any makeup product without it becoming a disaster, and you’ll end up having to start over, (ain’t nobody got time for that), so always use a light hand!

If you loathe bronzer or are naturally a bronzed, caramel, chocolate, or ebony beauty without the stuff, then opt for a pop of blush on the cheeks! Don’t believe the rumors that blush is “out”, because pretty bright alive cheeks are always sought after, and it really does make you look fresher, younger, better…just follow the bronzer advice on application, apply lightly and blend!


Last is those luscious lips, and for summer days either a lip balm with sunscreen, or a lip tint is all you need, for nighttime sky’s the limit girl, whatever floats your boat, go bright, soft, glossy or matte… no rules!

If you’re a shiny girl, carry a matte translucent/color free pressed powder for touch ups…colored powders will cake in the heat and look a blotchy hot mess… They are of course fine for the cool indoors, just be sure they match your skin perfectly.

That’s all for now, my last suggestion is to not use anything with a heavy fragrance or perfume as these just attract bugs and no one, no matter how good the hair &makeup, body, face or clothes, looks hot riddled with mosquito bites, those are just nasty!

Next time I will spill all my drugstore faves and fab finds on a dime…and I have a TON!!!

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