Wear your O’s pride to prom this season!

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My favorite season is now in full swing: Prom Season.

Anytime a high school junior or senior posts about prom, I realize how much I miss high school. One of my favorite parts about prom was picking out my dress. Being a fashionista, with restrictions can be very hard. Many of the prom dresses designed nowadays show more skin than they really should. Between being able to find an appropriate dress, and staying on a budget can be a struggle.

One tip I have for girls while shopping for dresses, is to narrow your search before you start looking. For example, while searching for a dress(whether in person or online), make sure you tell the sales associate(or the search engine) your size and price range. I tell people to do this because you do not want to fall in love with a dress you cannot afford or fit.

Next, you should pick a dress that expresses who you are. YOU should be the one who has a final say in what you wear. If you love your dress, you will be more confident and have more fun at prom. Try picking a color you really like.

This prom season, shades of orange seem to be the “it color”(GO ORIOLES). I have selected dress colors that support our sport teams. Now that’s what I call Baltimore Pride!

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