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It’s Spring Training! It is a joyous fun time; a sign that the long, cold winter is nearly over and that sunshine and summer vacations are on the way.   I love the smell of fresh cut grass, listening to the crack of the bat when an Orioles player gets a hit and most of all I love the color Orange in the spring. This is a time for optimism, a fresh start and a renewed hope.  Not a game has been lost, the fundamentals have been reviewed, and the rookies have great promise while the veterans believe that this will be the best year of their careers.  This is our favorite time of the year.  It’s a great time to feel young again no matter how old you are and it’s a time to encourage big league dreams of the young.  This is why we love baseball and remember it fondly as America’s favorite pastime.

Baseball fans all have different reasons as to why they love spring training.  One might love the stats while others love the strategy of the game.  Some look forward to the green grass and the big blue sky, while others look forward to an afternoon of beer and peanuts.  It’s exciting to get a look at the newly acquired players, see how the rookies have developed, and take a shot at predicting the roster.

As Baltimore Orioles fans, we have a lot to look forward too.  We were amazed last season and the excitement has carried over from the surprising finish of last year.  No longer do we just roll our eyes and dread a bottom finish.  We, the O’s faithful, are excited and here are the reasons why.

  • The Orioles are basically the same team as last year.  They are young, strong, and got a taste of winning that they loved.
  • Brian Roberts has been having an amazing spring training.  Looks like he is out to prove that retirement was not an option.
  • The Yankees are still old.
  • We have 2 of the best pitching prospects in all of baseball.  The names Bundy and Gausman will be talked about all season with speculation as to when they will get the call up to the big leagues.
  • There is a pitching competition that we have not seen in a long time.  The starting rotation is nowhere near set in stone yet and all of the pitchers look good.  Some might see this as a disadvantage, but I see it as an advantage.  We have depth in pitching that we have lacked in recent years.  I see the advantage being that all will pitch better than you have ever seen.
  • We have the best defensive catcher in the American League.  Not only can Matt Wieters throw out a base runner, he continues to make strides with his hitting.
  • We have players who love this team, love Baltimore and WANT to be here.
  • Two words:  Buck Showalter.
  • The Baltimore Ravens have passed the torch so to speak on to the Orioles and the Orioles have the Ravens rallying behind them.  These two teams have become a Band of Brothers in Baltimore.
  • Ladies, the eye candy is still great to look at.

In just a few short weeks it will be opening day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and expectations are high.  The naysayers are still the so called “experts” who still refuse to give the Orioles any form of respect.  Since being the constant bottom dwellers for over a decade, the surprising season of last year is being chalked up to luck.  There seems to be a theme in Baltimore, constantly the underdogs, and the players are okay with that.  They believe in themselves and they believe in the fans.  Spring has almost sprung and it’s time for the Orange birds of Baltimore to shine.

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