The Reality of the Business Side of the NFL

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After the season ends and the on field aspects of the game fade away, the business side of NFL football becomes the focus of the game.  Depending on your point of view; this may be a good or bad thing.

The NFL is a business that generates and drives revenues in the billions of dollars and there are a number of variables that go into it.  Owners, General Managers, and coaches must negotiate, cut, and sign players for not only the better of the team but to stay within a salary cap.    For me, I find the business side of football neither intriguing nor something I even try to comprehend.  In fact, I hate it!

In all fairness, I could not do the job that these guys do.  My emotions tend to get the better of me and I believe in loyalty until you prove otherwise.  If something upsets me, I’m not afraid to let you know and I can be quite sarcastic and downright mean when I’m wronged.  And right now, I am feeling really wronged by the Ravens.  I was so upset last night that I took my frustrations out on the arc trainer at the gym and then came home to drown my sorrows in ice cream, no bowl needed.

We are now into day 2 of free agency and it feels as though a tornado had touched down in Ravens Nations that has thrown what we thought was a solid foundation that is now in ruins.  It seems as though the Ravens are taking a page from the Orioles of yester years by getting rid of good players to save money and call it “rebuilding.”  With that being said, these moves have not been popular among fans, and Ravens fans are not afraid to voice their displeasure.  Some are questioning these moves by vocalizing wonder if Ozzie has fallen and bumped his head.  Most are now questioning the fate of the 2013 season.  Almost all of us are curious as to the tricks they have up their sleeves and what their plans and what the pieces of this bigger picture is.

It was pretty much a given that Paul Kruger would not be returning next year in purple and black.  This move was not surprising in the least.  The Cleveland Browns have money to spend and Kruger got the pay day that he was looking for.  While Kruger was a vital member of the team, stepping up when he needed too, he is a situational player who was good at one thing but not at another.  When Ray Lewis announced his retirement, we all believed that Darnelle Ellerbe would be his successor.  It seemed as though that was the case, but it was not meant to be. The Miami Dolphins have money to spend and they signed Ellerbe to a nice contract.   In the span of 2 hours we lost 2 linebackers.  Not Good.

Then the most surprising move of all that ruined my 13th wedding anniversary on Monday was Anquan Boldin’s trade to the 49ers.  I have always had a soft spot for “Q,” I liked him when he was with the Cardinals and was very excited when he came to play with the Ravens.  At times, he made Joe Flacco look good which got him out of a lot of jams and was able to start something on the offense.  He was a major reason for our Super Bowl run and I am heartbroken that he will no longer be wearing purple and black.

Then today, Day 2, the surprising cut of Bernard Pollard.  This is one that I do not think a lot of us had seen coming.  I am worried about how many other veterans are going to be let go here soon as I am sure they are as well.  The pattern that I am beginning to see is that the team is getting younger and less outspoken.

We knew that changes were coming, we are now seeing the proof right before our eyes.  While some of us struggle to still put our trust in Ozzie, most of us will go with the flow.  We see the Ravens are in a state of chaos and find the business side of the NFL to be cruel.   The reality is that it is a business, a billion dollar business.   We really have no other choice than to ride out the storm and see what the finished product will bring us.  Also, let us be thankful that the GM is not a woman.  If that were the case then the business aspect of the NFL would be taken over by emotions and once a month everyone would be fired.




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