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In Ozzie we trust, in Ozzie we trust; this is what I have been saying to myself after the news broke that Anquan Boldin was traded to the 49ers for a sixth round pick.

I know each year you are never going to have the same 53 man roster that you did the year before but it still hurts when you lose a tough as nails player like “Q.” Was it the right move? Well we will have to wait and see, but rarely does Ozzie let us down. I’m sure there was a plan in place if Boldin rejected the offer that the Ravens threw out there.

I know Ravens Nation was in shock just like I was when the news hit the airwaves. We reacted the same way when fan favorites, Heap, Mason and Johnson were released in recent years. We are always quick to judge before really thinking about the situation. And we tend let the emotion we feel for players blur our judgment.

Boldin played lights out throughout the post season which is why I believe we as fans are taking this trade so hard, it’s the plays that were so recently ingrained in our brains that makes this so hard to comprehend.

Although, it’s hard to forget all of the things he has done for this franchise throughout his short tenure. He on multiple occasions put this team on his back, I think back to the Cardinals game in 2011 when he basically signal handily led the Ravens to an improbable comeback and victory. He was a guy that caught several passes with the defenders arm right in between his. And I will never forget his touchdown in the AFC Championship when the defender was lying on the ground and Anquan just pointed down to him and laughed.

Boldin is one strong man and his presence in the middle of the field, his brutal blocking ability (4th and 29 wouldn’t have happened without him) along with his leadership will surely be missed. However, while he had a stellar post season and played a big part in bringing the Lombardi back to Baltimore, Boldin was just one piece in the puzzle, although a significant piece he was still one piece.

The Ravens offense will now look to the likes of Dennis Pitta who was a common third down target last season to fill the role vacated by Boldin. The entire receiving core is going to need to step up next season and players like Tandon Doss will need to sure up his hands to prove he can be a consistent receiver.

It will be interesting to see how this offense looks next season after going through an entire training camp and regular season with Jim Caldwell at the helm.

While most of us would’ve loved to have Anquan back to finish his career as a Raven this is business side of football. Boldin initially came to Baltimore to win a Championship and that’s what he did and I would like to personally thank him for that.

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