25 Things I learned during and after Super Bowl XLVIII

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Never had I been more excited than I was this year to watch, read, or listen to anything pertaining to the Ravens and the Super Bowl.  For the first time ever, our T.V. seemed to be stuck on The NFL Network.

The days leading up to the game and after have been written about from so many different points of views that I found myself emotionally unstable.  There were things that made me happy, sad, angry, or just wanting to shake my head and roll my eyes.  I have held off on writing anything only because I didn’t want to just rewrite what others had already shared.

Now that the dust has settled and we have had the chance to relish a Super Bowl victory, I reflect back on the things that I learned during Super Bowl 47.

  1. Deer Antler spray is a banned substance in the PGA.  (Who knew golfer’s needed an edge?)
  2. Ed Reed cannot sing on key.
  3. Joe Flacco is not boring.  (He dropped the F bomb on live T.V.)
  4. Ravens sure know how to play lights out football! (Pun intended)
  5. “Kaepernicking” is just as annoying as “Tebowing.”
  6. Super Bowl commercials aren’t what they use to be.
  7. Dan Marino is still a douche.  (I have never been a fan of his so in light of his affair, it just reaffirmed my thoughts of him)
  8. Vegas takes bets on ANYTHING pertaining to the Super Bowl.  (Did we ever find out what color the Gatorade was?)
  9. The Ravens STILL get no respect.
  10. There is a Bikini Basketball League.
  11. Alex Smith has class.
  12. The NFL Network likes to show off Bling.
  13. Ray Rice has a one year old daughter.  (Sorry ladies, but his heart is taken by his daughter Rayven)
  14. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is expensive, beautiful, and easy to lose.
  15. Players only get 2 tickets to the Super Bowl, if they need more they have to buy them.
  16. Randy Moss might be a GOAT, but not the kind he’s talking about.  (He thinks he is the Greatest Of All Time, but Jerry Rice and I both beg to differ)
  17. Warren Sapp had never had beignets before.  (Neither have I for that matter).
  18. Jacoby Jones should be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.
  19. They have press conferences for everything.  (Beyonce even had one)
  20. John Harbaugh is a genius.  (Burning time off the clock + taking a safety = brilliance!)
  21. Haters will forever bring up what happened 12 years ago in Atlanta to counteract any greatness that Ray Lewis has accomplished.
  22. Changes are a coming.  (We might not like them, but he have to remember that this is the business side of the game).
  23. We really do have the best fans!!
  24. New Orleans looks good in purple!!


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