Tears on Super Bowl Night

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I look forward to the commercials on Super Bowl night each year. I try not to pay attention to the media reporting about them the week before because I love the element of surprise.

This year it was difficult not to hear about the Go Daddy commercial prior to the game, for that I am thankful. I was prepared to get a wine refill during that one.   I really didn’t think that idea should have made it to the Super Bowl.   It looked like it was created by a horny high school boy after a night of dreaming about his favorite  poster girl.  Although, we all will remember the “Go Daddy” name.

That being said, the actor in the commercial still gets to enjoy his fame, which is a nice success story for him.    Woohoo.  Tears? Not yet…

Commercial after commercial I was under impressed that not many were as entertaining as years past.  This, however, was not the cause of my tears.

Tide’s Stain commercial gets kudos from me. Brilliantly done from start finish.  Was anyone else surprised that it was actually going to end with  a Ravens fan getting the last word? Bye Bye stain… no tears yet.

Budweiser, in my opinion, wins the prize of the evening.  Hearing “Landslide” playing as I watched a sweet story is all I needed to keep my attention… I’m a softy for anything with animals and great music. I’m that girl that cries during the ASPCA commercials.  As soon as I knew the horse remembered his trainer my eyes began to water. The dramatic break away with the beautiful Clydesdale running to his first friend began my river of tears.  Well done Budweiser.

More advertisers need to remember to use music that will immediately grab the attention of the viewers.

Let me ask you, did anyone one else tear up or was I the only one?

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I think perhaps that someone at Bud might have been a 49ers fan so they would have an excuse for Tears on Super Bowl Night!
What do you think?

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