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The clock struck triple zero and players rushed the field and the confetti began to fall.

The Ravens are Super Bowl Champions!

“It’s never pretty. It’s never perfect. It’s just us, said John Harbaugh after the victory.

Harbs was spot on. We hadn’t had many so called “pretty” wins all season so why would the Super Bowl be any different?

We dominated the first half but I wasn’t comfortable knowing what the 49er’s had done just two weeks ago in Atlanta. The way that we jumped out to a 28-6 was almost like an anomaly for this team.

However, I’m not going to say I wasn’t jumping and yelling during every score and every turn over.

It was honestly the craziest Super Bowl I think I have ever seen. You couldn’t have written a better script, you had excitement, drama, thrills and even a scene out of Fight Club, and talk about the element of surprise with a power outage.

What started out looking like a blowout win, ended up being a conspiracy theorist’s dream.

Flacco was flinging it and the receivers, Boldin, Smith and Jones were making fantastic runs after the catch. The offensive line kept their dominate streak alive and the offense was huge at converting key 3rd downs throughout the game that kept the ball out of Kaepernick’s hands. One of the biggest plays of the game had to be the gutsy move by Flacco to audible on 3rd and inches and throw a pass to Boldin on the sideline. My jaw literally dropped. That throw all but cemented Flacco’s MVP honor.

Then the power went out and everything changed. All of a sudden the 49er’s were injected with the confidence that they needed to spark one incredible comeback. The Ravens did what they had been doing all season long…giving me several heart attacks.

And of course during Ray’s final game on the biggest stage the outcome would come down to a goal line stand to walk away Champions. I had trouble watching that sequence; I was squirming and covering my eyes barely peering at the TV between my fingers, I was on the brink of completely losing it. I thought for sure the 49er’s were going to punch it in and it would come down to Flacco leading another game winning drive. But the man that is leaving his defensive legacy, the man that helped make the Ravens a defensive powerhouse for so many years wouldn’t have had his ride end any other way.

“Backs against the wall. For us to stand up like that, it’s just a testament of what we’ve been through and how much trust we had all year in each other” said Lewis.

However, a Ravens Championship also couldn’t come without its fair share of controversy.

First of all if you would’ve told me that the final two stops of the game would come courtesy of Jimmy Smith I would’ve said “no chance.” And I would’ve been completely wrong. The second year corner came up huge stopping Crabtree on 4th down. Crabtree would’ve had to have “go go gadget arms” in order to come down in bounds with that ball.

However, after the play Jim Harbaugh was shown fanatically jumping around on the sideline signaling holding. The refs weren’t buying it. And was Smith holding, yeah maybe a little, but so was Crabtree. And at the most pivotal point of the game the refs were not going to be the ones to determine who raised the Lombardi.

You can argue that play as much as your heart desires but the fact of the matter is this crew only threw seven flags all game. Players were getting away with pushing and shoving for a full 60 minutes so they couldn’t all of a sudden call something that they hadn’t been calling all game.

I know the Bay area is known as wine country, but c’mon 49er’s you need to learn how to be gracious losers and stop eating those sour grapes.

I know everyone is focused on that play because it was the play that put the final nail in the coffin but it’s not like the refs didn’t help the 49er’s with some non calls at other points in the game. How about the “roughing the kicker” penalty that was more of an acting job by Akers that gave the 49er’s three points? Or what about the non call of pass interference in the first half which would’ve led to a Torrey Smith TD? Or how about the clear late hit out of bounds on Flacco in the second half that would’ve given the Ravens a first down in the redzone?

The refs called a fairly even game and from the beginning you knew they were going to let the players be the ones to decide the outcome of the game.

It was one for the record books and nobody can tarnish what the Ravens have achieved.

“That’s the thing about our team. Everybody outside the locker room is always counting us out,” fullback Vonta Leach said. “We never broke. We knew what kind of team we had, and we knew our No. 1 goal coming into this season was to win the championship.”

Our team kept the faith and proved the world wrong.

Now let’s keep the celebration going and have one heck of a coming home party for our boys in the streets of Baltimore!

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