A non-technical woman’s perspective on why the Ravens WILL WIN!

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Sure, all the boys we know are breaking down the statistics, the plays, the team records and lots of other non-important stuff in order to determine who will win the big game. But us chix know that on Sunday none of that will matter. Nope, there are very clear reasons why The Ravens will kick some 49er butt and here is why:

I will start with the obvious. Not only is John Harbaugh the best coach in the NFL, more importantly, he is by far the HOTTEST.

Sexiness Contest: Ravens 1 49ers 0

And while we are discussing hotness, did anyone see the photo comparison of how the Super Bowl teams arrived in New Orleans? Wow, our boys were dressed to kill. Yeah, the other team… NOT SO MUCH. Did they never have to wear slacks, a button down and a tie on game day back in high school?

Sexiness Contest: Ravens 2 49ers 0

Ok, we have proven our team is hotter, but I will venture to take this one step further. Not only does a woman love a good looking man, but the more experienced the better. LOL! That’s right, Ray Lewis 17 years, Ed Reed 11 years ‘nuff said

Veteran Contest: Ravens 3 49ers 0

Moving on…. Let’s talk food. That’s right, food. Everyone knows that Maryland is the best place on earth for steamed crabs.  There is no competition when it comes to fresh Maryland seafood and some rocking Old Bay seasoning. Where am I going with this? Name the food made famous by San Francisco.  Yup, Rice-A-Roni “the San Francisco treat”. Seriously??

Best Food Contest: Ravens 4 49ers 0

Let’s play the Name Game for a second. Who is more likely to win, a bunch of 100+ year old gold diggers (ugh, woman despise gold diggers) or a majestic and highly intelligent bird. It is true! You don’t have to believe me, believe Wikipedia: “Some notable feats of problem-solving have been observed in the species, leading to the belief that it is highly intelligent.”

Team Name Contest: Ravens up 5 to 49ers Zip

I would like to end with one last thought on WHY THE RAVENS WILL WIN THE SUPER BOWL. Chix, the 49ers couldn’t even win in the number contest. That’s right, we all know that they are 20 short of a great number and will never get ahead in the game.

Go ahead…. LAUGH!

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