Will we ever get R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

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An open letter to Bed Bath & Beyond

Dear Bed, Bath, & Beyond,

As you are well aware, football season is in high gear.  Emotions are running hot and heavy, NFL merchandise is selling off the shelves, and business is booming.

 As a company you pride yourselves on your customer service, your quality store selections, and stores in most ever city.  You send out emails to your valued and loyal customers advising on sales, new items, reminders of holidays, and save the dates.  I myself loved to receive these; it gives me an excuse to go shopping.

Did you notice I said “loved?”

Upon opening my email the other day, I opened your ad excited that you were supporting the NFL and most importantly honoring the remaining 4 teams fighting for their chance to shine in New Orleans.

Then I looked at the picture……….

In the picture where the logos for the Falcons, 49er’s, Patriots, and…………………. THE BRONCOS!

As a diehard Ravens fan and Bmore Chix, I started seething purple and black!

And I’m not the only one.

As it was pointed out on your facebook page, you have made a major mistake.  To error is human, but we Ravens fans are not so forgiving.  While we excuse your marking department for being a Broncos fan (they just do not know any better), we do not take too kindly to being continuously disrespected.  We tend to get mad and get even. (Just ask Ben Rothlesberger and Tom Brady about that, they will tell you).

You have not just “dropped the ball” on this, you have “fumbled” without recovering.  We are Ravens Nation and even when we are down, we do not turn off the game until the time left is zero.  We do not bleed orange and blue (together), we bleed purple and black (orange and black during baseball season) and we have become the horse whisperers by taming the Colts and the Broncos.  This is our General’s last ride and we will fight to the death right alongside him.  We will not go away quietly.

As Ravens fans, we do tend to get over zealous, but we have class.  We will not whine nor will we dwell on it any longer.  We will prove to you and to everyone else that we are the better team.

We are the Ravens!



PS.  Remember I said that we are not so forgiving?  Well, you might start seeing your sales slipping because  Ravens fans and this Bmore Chix is taking our business to Poor Boys from now on!

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