Ravens Fanatic & Single Mom Dilemma: Should I Tailgate or Couchgate?

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Happy Purple Friday, Bmore Chix!

This morning, I sit in my cube donning my long sleeve Ravens t-shirt, black corduroys (‘cause suddenly winter has arrived and it is like -2 degrees out today) and my knee high purple and black socks (I don’t care what anyone says, those things are HOT!), and I find myself daydreaming about Sunday evening’s game and festivities.

I’m a single momma and a Ravens fanatic! Most game days for me are celebrated at home with my munchkin. Generally, there is either chili in the crock pot, or a whole chicken roasting in the oven. Yummy. We are dressed from head to toe in Ravens gear, and the volume on the TV is set to max. A picture of Ray Rice hangs over the couch and our lucky Ravens gnome stands tall by the fireplace, too. (It’s only weird if it doesn’t work. Right?)

But then the playoffs roll around, and things just feel different.  No longer is it just one week out of many praying for a big win, and a Steelers loss. No. This is a win or go home situation. Is a cold beer, peanuts and some homemade jalapeno poppers in the living room the way to go, or should we go BIGGER?

Ok, so it is a given that we can’t afford to shell out a couple hundred bucks in order to hop on the Jimmy’s Seafood bus and go to the game. But, we could find a family friendly sports bar filled with other non-fanatical fans just like us. Surely, we can find a nice place where it would be acceptable to carry our lucky gnome to the table and yelling at the big screen is not only accepted but encouraged, right?

Would it be more fun to spend the evening hanging with a room full of crazy fun strangers who are doing a shot after every touchdown and chowing down on a few dozen hot wings? Or, should I go with the pot of chili, my fireplace roaring, purple and black balloons tied to the porch and wearing my comfy ravens slippers?

Herein lies this momma and her six year old’s playoff dilemma.

You tell us…… What Would You Do?

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