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Playoffs, baby! Well, fantasy football playoffs, that is. If your team(s) made it to the playoffs, congrats! I’m sure you had a nerve racking year, filled with last minute decisions and obsessive stat tracker viewing. But don’t relax yet, because hopefully you have two more weeks of victories ahead of you (unless you’re playing against me, in which case, I hope you lose miserably).

If you didn’t make the playoffs, now is a time of reflection and sometimes deep self loathing (I came in 11th place in the Bmore Chix league, not even making the consolation bracket). Now is when you should go back and take a look at your draft, see who was a good value and who was a bust. I like to compare where players were drafted and where they end their year, rank wise. Nobody can really predict what will happen each season, and this is a good way to see just how close you and your selected draft board were to the actual outcome. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a good prediction for where guys should be picked next year, but you can somewhat gauge your own instincts in how closely you followed your draft board.

For example, on nfl.com, Robert Griffin III leads all quarterbacks in points this season. He was drafted in round 9 in one of my leagues, which is a freakin steal! I wish I had trusted my gut and pulled him in the 6th round instead of Michael Vick. Considering his performance this year, we can look for RG3 to go in the first round next year. However, for many Cam Newton owners this year, their instincts will probably tell them to be wary of a second year quarterback, thus putting RG3’s value lower than their drafting counterparts. Their board may say to take him as the 7th overall pick, but I guarantee there will be some hesitation and possible deviation from the board just to avoid potential heartache two years in a row.

Another thing we’ll see next year is the first round being swamped with picks for quarterbacks, more so than it was this year. The value of the star fantasy running back is being diminished by the NFL’s push for a pass happy league. Heck, Brandon Marshall has more fantasy points than Arian Foster (according to nfl.com’s fantasy site). Personally, this makes me sad. I can’t draft wide receivers to save my life, so I’m totally screwed next year.

I made the playoffs in my three other leagues, and I’m still not sure how. I had two teams get hit with an obscene amount of injuries, Rob Gronkowski and LeSean McCoy being the worst of my losses. They were my first and second picks in the same league, so I don’t see me making the final round of those playoffs. Of course, you never know this year. Doug Martin could have another 51 point week!

Next week I’ll do a recap of the season, as well as go through some strategies that worked for me this year and some that did not. Have a great weekend, Bmore! And if you’re going to the game on Sunday, when Manning is on the field, please yell loudly enough that you can’t speak for a week. The defense needs us and we really disappointed them against the Steelers.

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