What if you could Tailgate to Heaven?

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A book review of “Tailgate to Heaven:A British NFL Fan Tackles America”

As Baltimore football fans, we’re lucky to enjoy a rich fan base, with passionate purple-wearers usually nearby. Adam Goldstein, a Brit with a passion for American football, wasn’t so lucky. While all his mates and family enjoyed soccer, he never really fell in love with a sport until he saw the Bears play in the National Football League.

His love grew and eventually gave him a mission, which he chronicles in Tailgate to Heaven: attend one live NFL game, including those in London and Canada, at every NFL stadium during the regular season. Even to an extreme fan, it seems impossible. But much to the delight of readers, Goldstein takes a journey over 65,000 miles to watch 40 American football games in 18 weeks to experience and understand the phenomenal appeal of that classic American pastime, the tailgate party.

Goldstein has a great sense of humor, and writes the book from the perspective of a Brit, which makes it a wonderful read for newer football fans that lack an understanding of the sport and its history. He even helps you get to know each team better with “Rudy moments,” “Extreme Fans” and cool souvenirs that reflect the team’s culture of each stadium he visits.

The real treat for me was reading Adam’s take on the Baltimore-Pittsburgh Rivalry—he actually goes to both games during the season he writes on. His description of the hard hits, tailgating lots and football-loving fans takes you right to Russell Street and pumped for gridiron action.

The book is perfect for NFL fans from all over, as he gives a little taste of the action from across the country. Read a little more about Adam’s epic journey at http://www.tailgatetoheaven.com/ where you can also find where to pick up a copy for yourself or the tailgater in your life.

Click here to see pictures of Adam’s visit to this year’s Ravens season opener.

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