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I don’t know about you but I am “Wacco for Flacco”, but not everyone feels as enthusiastic about his performance as I do, and that makes me question, what is the problem in Baltimore?  Is it Joe, or is it Cam Cameron?  I suspect the latter is more of the issue.  Why do we suffer from this “Jekyll and Hyde” syndrome on offense?  After an online discussion with some fellow fans last night (when I should have been writing a paper), I decided to look at how we look at “stats”, and how meaningful are they.

In comparing Joe Flacco and Peyton Mannings stats for the first four years, you first have to understand what it all means.  In just looking at the numbers, they aren’t significantly different in some categories; I’ll start with one category this week – – – Completion Percentage (“CMP%”).

If you’re not familiar, CMP % is the number of completions versus the number of attempts.  In Peyton Manning’s first year, he had a 56.7% completion percentage versus Joe’s 60%.  Not bad for our rookie; however, let’s not stop there.  As you can see, in all but the 4th year, Joe’s completion percentage was better than Peyton Mannings, so what happened in year 4?  I suspect it might have something to do with no longer having Derrick Mason, Todd Heap and wasn’t that the year of the lockout?  No training camp may have played a huge factor.  This is actually the first time I’ve tried to do an analysis, but this really bothered me because I LOVE OUR JOE! 

  Year 1 CMP % Year 2 CMP % Year 3 CMP % Year 4 CMP %
Peyton Manning 56.7 62.1 62.5 62.7
Joe Flacco 60 63.1 62.6 57.5

In my next blog I’ll look at other categories such as Yards, Touchdowns, Fumbles, Interceptions and ratings.   I hope this helps put things into perspective, and there are other factors we have to consider, such as the strength of a team’s offensive line, the defense, and the play calling.   There is no “I” in team, yet the QB frequently takes the blame for a loss.

So what do you think of this quandary?  Is Joe an “elite QB” as they continue to debate in the media,  or as some say “average Joe”?   I would like to think that Joe is elite, but that he might be “held back” by the play calling; it’s just my hypothesis.  Please share your thoughts!

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