Sandy is messing with the coast AND my fantasy team!

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With Hurricane Sandy making its way up the coast this weekend, most people are focused on the important things. Go to the grocery store, fight for the last gallon of milk and 8 pack of toilet paper, change the batteries in the flashlights, and get everything off the porch that isn’t tied down.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, though, I’m not most people.

I’m writing this blog from the beach, watching the waves grow increasingly angrier as the hours pass, and my evening was stricken in fear when I realized that Philadelphia is the main target for this storm.

Why do I care so much about the city of brotherly love this weekend?

Because the Eagles host the Falcons and I have Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy starting for one of my teams. Not just any league either, it’s the one in which I’m 6-1.

I know all of my leagues should be considered equal, but I doubt I’m making the playoffs in two of them. One of them is injury prone, mainly thanks to Greg Jennings and Rashard Mendenhall. It is also the league in which I broke one of my cardinal rules: never draft the Madden curse. Calvin Johnson has one touchdown this season. He’s still gaining yards each week, but in my mind, he’s under-producing.

Can you say “I told you so” to yourself?

I’m in 10th place in the Bmore Chix league, and it’s not looking very promising for the remainder of the season. I’m stacked at running back, with Chris Johnson, Ryan Mathews, Maurice Jones-Drew, and Donald Brown. The later two are injured, but should return at some point.

My wide receivers are acceptable, but I think it’s my quarterbacks that screwed me. I drafted Matt Stafford and Michael Vick and neither has met expectations this season. Stafford was supposed to be my starter, but I just don’t trust him every week. Vick would be ok if he would stop giving the ball to the other team. At this point, I’m just grateful that I passed on Cam Newton.

We’re halfway through the fantasy football season and I still feel like each week is a struggle. Looking at advice online seems futile because two “experts” will give you the complete opposite advice. I go with my gut choice more often than not, and sometimes it works, other times not so much. At the end of the day, I’m still having fun, regardless of the standings.

My favorite part of fantasy football will always be my interaction with my friends. Going to my coworkers office first thing on a Monday morning to either gloat or whine about my teams, talking through a friend’s lineup to help him make the best decisions, getting the random text from a girlfriend I haven’t heard from in while to help her with her quarterback dilemma for the week.

Those are the best reasons to play fantasy football.

Glory at the end of the season is a pretty damn good reason, too.

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