Football Shaped Foods!

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Football shaped food

I think having a theme sometimes for the game is tons of fun.You could even make some of these items for your tailgate.

A football shaped cheese ball is the easiest idea ever. You can just buy a round one at the store and reshape it like a football and get some white cheddar squeeze cheese to draw the strings. Very cute!!!

Serve that with football shaped crackers.

What about sushi? Although I’ve never made this, I can imagine it being a perfect party idea. Salmon and tuna pieces over rice are already football shaped. Just use a little squeeze cheese and apply with a toothpick for the strings. A great tailgate item too!!

Rice Krispy treats can be football shaped easily too. Check these out.

I want to hear all about your football shaped food ideas! Come on lemme see your creative side!!!

Until next time ~watch for your dragonfly!

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