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I’m not feeling my normal day-after-a-victory self. No warm fuzzies, no extra spring in my step. I just feel blah. While a sad win is, by far, better than a brutal loss (a la Steelers, Patriots, Bengals, Texans), I really don’t feel good about the direction the team is going in. I hate to be overly critical, but what I witnessed yesterday was not what I’ve come to expect from the Ravens.

The defense is getting worse every week. Losing Lardarius Webb will be hard to recover from and Jimmy Smith and Cary Williams are not where they need to be to secure the secondary. Ray Lewis has an acceptable replacement as far as skill is concerned, but no one can replace the heart and intelligence he provides. The defensive line is being manhandled and a pass rush is unheard of. I know they are hurting without Suggs, and the losses of Jarrett Johnson and Cory Redding didn’t help, but they had the entire off season to prepare for that. I don’t understand how the defense is this bad.

On a more positive note, Cary Williams has notched an interception in each of the last three games. And his coverage on the attempted two point conversion was stellar. It’s possible that he is getting better as the week’s progress and hopefully, he’ll step up in a big way against the Texans.

From my seats, the swapping of Ramon Harewood for Bobbie Williams paid off. The offensive line looked more secure and Joe seemed to have enough time to find an open receiver. Maybe this is the magic combination they’ve been looking for all year.

Seriously, who sold all the tickets to the Dallas fans? There were moments where I wasn’t sure if this was a home game because the silver and blue was so prevalent in the crowd. I think that was the most away fans that I’ve seen at M&T Bank.

What a win for Seattle! It’s out of conference for them, but a victory over New England should be a happy occasion in anyone’s mind.

Yikes, what a loss for the Niners. I really dislike the Giants, so I was hoping for San Francisco to deliver a beating on them. Silver lining: many times, teams learn more from a loss than a win. I’m sure it will be good motivation for a win against Seattle on Thursday.

The Miami Dolphins remind me of the Little Engine that Could. Where previously sat an underdog now sits a team tied for first place (and last, if you want to be all glass-half-empty) in their division.

Aaron Rodgers is still scary good. And if the Ravens can follow whatever blueprint Green Bay just provided as a means to dominate Houston, Sunday could be very interesting.

Could you tell RG3 was knocked out of last week’s game with a concussion? Yeah, me neither.

Despite the fact that the Cowboys basically handed over the game on a silver platter, it was still a win for the Ravens. I’m praying for a stronger performance against the Texans this week! Let’s bring it, boys!

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