Unorganized Observations ~ Week 5 of the NFL

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And the Ravens gave the term ‘Ugly Win’ a new definition on Sunday. Considering how many games they lost on the road to bad teams last year, fans should be counting their blessings that the trend didn’t continue. In all fairness, the Chiefs are not a bad team; they are actually a rather good team with a penchant for shooting themselves in the foot. Thankfully, the Ravens chose to capitalize on that.

i’m not impressed with Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees thus far. The run defense has huge holes in it, the secondary is playing too far off receivers, and I’m pretty sure opposing quarterbacks have enough time to order a pizza before throwing the ball. I was, however, impressed with the second half adjustments to stop the run. I just wish it hadn’t taken an entire half of the game to figure that out.

As soon as the kick returner fumbles, I assume that they will do it again within the same game. I don’t know why, but I just panic and start yelling at them through the TV to hold onto the ball. I’m beginning to think it’s a good thing they can’t hear me sometimes.

What was up with all the dropped passes? I started to wonder if Mark Clayton was back on the field. Anyone responsible for catching a ball needs to spend the week at Jacoby Jones’ house and practice on his personal JUGS machine.

The refs get another week’s reprieve. They made some questionable calls, but for once, they were in the Raven’s favor. I do not condone poor officiating, and if I was a Chiefs fan, I would probably be complaining this week. The Ravens benefited so a pass is being granted.

Defenses are beginning to figure out the Raven’s offensive line. It seems to be suffering each week and I can only hope that it gets worked out soon. DeMarcus Ware, of the Dallas Cowboys, is a freaking beast, as is J.J. Watt, of the Texans. The youngsters on the O-line are going to be man handled if they don’t get it together.

Congrats to the Colts for pulling out an inspired win this week. And it was a classy move on Jim Irsay’s part to deliver the game ball to Coach Pagano in the hospital immediately after the game.

Can someone explain what happened to the NFC North in the offseason? The Viking and Bears are leading the division, ahead of the Packers and Lions. And when did the NFC West become such a juggernaut? Didn’t they send a team with a losing record to the playoffs just two years ago? They are currently the only division in football in which every team has a winning record.

Call me a cynical homer all you want, but I don’t feel that Drew Brees’s 48 game touchdown streak is anywhere near as impressive as Johnny Unitas’s 47 game streak. Just sayin…

Welcome to the Sophomore Slump! Cam Newton, party of one? It’s ok, it happens, buddy. You aren’t Superman, and if he’d had a sidekick, you wouldn’t be that either. Get the towel off your head on the sideline and talk to your team. It’s not a one man show, despite what the associated press will have you believe.

Don’t forget to wear your orange to support the O’s! It’s a great week to be a Bmore sports fan!

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