Oh, Baltimore, my Baltimore

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To my beloved Baltimore Orioles,

I am the first to admit that I didn’t watch too many of your games during the 2000’s. It had been a long, dry period of time since you played a season worth watching past the month of July.

But today, I am joining the long line of fans that are using words like *surprising* to describe this season. Nobody would have figured that anyone would be talking about the Baltimore Orioles by the time the football season started. And I keep remembering the Coors Lite ad with Jim Mora squawking – Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. Playoffs?

No matter what happens from this point forward – Thank you, Baltimore Orioles.

Thank you for playing your hearts out.

Thank you for giving us tears and laughter.

Thank you for putting the orange back into our wardrobes.

Thank you for allowing us to believe again.

Thank you for bringing back that Oriole Magic and letting us feel it happen.

Mind your x’s and Oooooooo’s!

Purple Maven

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