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Welcome to our new weekly column! BmoreChix Bloggers promise to provide you all of the basic knowledge about the game that you will need to get through this football season looking like an expert.  Follow along and you will be sure to impress the heck out of the NFL loving males in your life which, come on ladies, certainly could have its perks!

This week, I will start off with some of the plays and actions we would all like to see happen this Sunday night at M&T as our Ravens versus the Patriots . I’ll also include the with the technical names and meanings associated with them. If you would like the official NFL rulebook for more information on any of these, just go to

Delay of Game:  I don’t know about you guys, but I was at the opening night game versus the Bengals, and the crowd was so unbelievably loud that I could not even hear myself think. That is a good thing for the Ravens, girls! That’s right! We want to rock that stadium. Why? It’s all about confusing the heck out of Tom Brady. With noise like that, the pretty boy, himself, will not be able to focus and surely won’t be able to communicate his calls to his offense. So, he will get all flustered and not make the snap in time. Result: A penalty and a 5 yard loss for the Patriots. So make it LOUD Sunday night!

Sack:  I am not letting any of you watch this game without knowing this very important term, ladies. If you are in front of your living room television, in your seat in the nose bleed section, or at the local sports bar, every time Tom Brady is hiked the ball, you should be cheering as loud as you can “SACK! SACK! SACK!” Nothing makes a Ravens fan happier than to see Ray Lewis/ T Sizzle or anyone else put cry baby Brady on his behind before he has the chance to throw or pass the ball. (Well, Big Ben makes us just as happy, but I am just sayin’.) So we like seeing him tackled and maybe even bleeding, but why is that great for the Ravens? It is as simple as this my friends, wherever we sack him is where they start the next play making it even more difficult for the Patriots to get a first down. Not to mention that he might just be a little hesitant the next time he sees that defensive player heading his way. Ok, say it with me. “Sack, Sack, SACKKKKKK!”

Interception:  According to, an interception is defined as a “pass that is caught by a defensive player. An interception results in a change of possession.” What in the world does that mean? Girls, one must only reflect on the way our main man Ed Reed plays to understand this football concept. That’s right, our #20 is the King of taking the ball away from Quarterbacks when they least expect it.   Here’s the even better part, the past three times the Pats met the Ravens (which includes two postseason games), Brady has thrown seven interceptions. Not only that, but he has thrown MORE THAN ONE interception in three straight games against the Ravens. And, HELLO, this is the longest such streak he’s ever had against a team.  We have definitely got your number Brady, so let’s hear it for the power of the Ravens interception!

OK, I think you are ready for the big Sunday night game. Remember to make lots of noise, scream for the sack, and pray for multiple interceptions. But most of all, have fun!

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