A Double-Whammy Sunday!

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So sometimes I ask myself, “Self is there anything worse than a Monday after a Ravens loss?”

Well, I found out that there is…

How does a break up the Monday after a Ravens loss sound?

Yes girls, the double whammy!

The end of what I imagined would be my future – I am truly devastated.

We were together for 4 years, and most of that time was very happy.   I have to think that this surreal misery I’m feeling is what those men felt traveling home.  Ok, so maybe not quite that bad.

There were good things and bad things to take from this battle of wills, the worst being the replacement officials.     This game was cage fighting tough.  More than once I wanted to jump through the screen and scratch the eyes out of some unsuspecting Eagle for shoving our players, but I know our boys can take it and give it back!

My positive takeaways from this game?

  • Flacco!  (Heck with the non-believers, he is AMAZING!)
  • Vonta Leach touchdown!
  • Pollard’s intensity is breathtaking!
  • Nice tip & fumble recovery by Ray Lewis.
  • McClelland fumble recovery, fabulous!
  • Incredible runs by Ray Rice!
  • Jacoby Jones got robbed.
  • Tucker is Grrrrreaat!  56 yard field goal!  I was reminded of Stover’s excellence; that’s some good stuff!

In the end, a loss, and a personal loss.  But, I’m a silver lining girl, so I’m thankful for the love I shared, sad for the loss, and thankful I have my Baltimore Ravens, and my dog to warm my feet as I watch.  So tell, me your worst breakup story.


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