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Today felt like Christmas as the first Ravens preseason game loomed on the horizon.  Driving to work was a pleasure, dressed from head to toe in Ravens wear,+ purple converse, Ravens socks, #55 Jersey, Sterling Silver Ravens necklace,  Ravens watch,  and purple accented nails.  It was amusing to observe the “looks” from those that crossed my path. They don’t call me Ravensgirl at my office for nothing , this is what I live for!   My colleague even wore purple and streaked her hair, just for me.   I was touched by her thoughtfulness as she celebrated in my excitement.

So what am I looking for in tonight’s game?  First and foremost, this is our first glimpse of our Ravens, but by no means any indicator of how the season will go.  It’s the first opportunity to see what break out rookies we have on our roster.  As Ray Rice said on his Facebook  page this morning “Some say preseason “doesn’t count.” I say it counts for more than you will ever know! Game plans, rosters, and entire seasons are created in preseason – just ask any player or coach! Preseason is where some NFL dreams will be made or, unfortunately, broken. Preseason might “just” be preseason, but it’s still FOOTBALL!”  I could not agree more!  I am looking forward to checking out what McKinney will do, I heard on 105.7 the fan today that he is fighting to win back the left tackle position from Oher, and it will also be great to see what Krueger will do in the slot reserved for our beloved #55.  Of course I want to watch our offense, check out how Flacco hooks up with his receivers.    As you can tell, I’m very excited, how about you?

The beers are cold, the game is on. . .life is good!  GO RAVENS!

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Stephanie is a native of Baltimore, and currently resides in the heart of Redskins territory, Northern, VA, or “NOVA” as it is referred to by the locals. She works as a Contract Administrator for a large for profit education company and is in pursuit of her BBA in Acquisition and Contract Management at Strayer University; graduation slated for 2013/14. She is an avid Ravens fan, and all that know her would concur that she bleeds purple and black. It’s all purple all the time whether a dress for a friends wedding, mixing up “purpletini’s”, jewelry, a garden, or accessorizing her home. The Ravens, her friends & family,and her rescued dog Chief Raven truly bring her the greatest joy. Interests: Wacco for Flacco & the Baltimore Ravens! I’m a Ravens fan & damn proud of it! I would describe myself as someone that is loyal, honest, loving, passionate, AND silly at times; I have been described as “bubbly”, “vivacious”, “outgoing”, “artistic”, “a dreamer”, “an optimist”, “romantic”, “a beautiful singer”, “deep”. . to name a few.