Who are the greatest Ravens?

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I was looking through some of the Facebook pics on the Ravens 247 page earlier today and they had some interesting PhotoShop productions there. My favorite was probably the Lardarius Webb Spiderman shot but the one featured here on this blog got me to thinking a bit.

Of course this is 24×7’s version of the Mt. Rushmore of Ravens.

Without a doubt Ray Lewis and J.O. are givens. Ed Reed is in my opinion a given too but with some of his recent bipolar-like responses to the media which suggest the decisiveness of a lady with a shoe fetish in a Louis Vuitton factory, he’s frustrated some fans to the point where they might not include him on this carved stone.

Now Matt Stover is a bit iffy for me.

He’s a kicker! He’s not really a FOOTBALL player, is he?

He’s just a soccer player with a helmet.

Look I get that Matt was a model of consistency and he was so important to the team’s Super Bowl run in 2000, but can he really be considered among the four greatest Ravens?

I don’t think so!

So if you agree that Stover should come down and some renovations to this Mount are in order, who should replace Mr. Automatic?

Jamal Lewis?

Todd Heap?

Terrell Suggs?

My vote is for T-Sizzle.

How about you?

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