My Life Dating a Steelers Fan…

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We met about six years ago, and once I discovered his allegiance, I just never thought it could work. I’m a die-hard Ravens fan, he’s a die-hard Steelers fan.

Match not made in heaven, right? Think again. You’d be surprised how powerful chemistry is.

We remained friends for a few years after we met, and it wasn’t until September 2008 when we started hanging out more frequently. Ironically, we had the “great” idea to watch that Ravens-Steelers Monday Night Football game that went into overtime. If you need a refresher, the Ravens did not win that one, and it was decided only by a Jeff Reed (cringe) field goal.

As much as I wanted to say “no more,” I couldn’t. Outside of our football teams, we seemed to have so much in common and got along so well. He knows so much about the sport and taught me some of the rules I didn’t already know, and we do at least have the same college football team (go Terps)!

But does this mean it’s easy? Absolutely not! Though we watch nearly every other game together during the season, there are two (sometimes three) weekends in the fall that are off-limits. Fortunately, I do my best to go to every home Ravens-Steelers game, so that solves one problem.

However, the game in Pittsburgh game always presents a challenge. We’re such crazy fans that we realize we cannot be in the same room to watch that game. This past year, our friends invited us over to watch. Crazy, right? Well luckily, these friends have two rooms, so the gal and I watched it in one room, while my boyfriend and the guy watched it in the other. I really couldn’t hold it in when Torrey Smith caught that game-winning touchdown, and pretty much had to hide my big grin on the way home, but hey, I had to sit through the Steelers beating us in the playoffs the year before, so I think my happiness was merited!

Still think I’m crazy? Yeah, I suppose I am.

Sometimes, I wish the boy could come up to M&T with me on Sunday mornings – a ritual me, my dad, and my brother partake in nearly every home game. Going to Ravens games is one of my favorite activities, and of course, I’d love to share that with the man I love. If you’re wondering, we haven’t been able to stomach the idea of attending a game together, so no, that hasn’t happened (yet?). The perk about not having him at games with me is that I get more father-daughter bonding time; my dad, after all, is who got me into the team in the first place.

So after more than three years together, we’re going strong. It’s also summer, which mean life is good and there is no football season to cause any tension. But it’s just around the corner, and soon enough, that tension will be back. But I have to admit, it’s a fun tension. Just ask long as, you know, we sweep them again this year!

Ravens fan for life who never lets the boyfriend listen to “Black and Yellow,”


Could you?  would you? date someone who is Steelers fan?  What other teams are off limits as far as dating a fan?  Share your thoughts here.

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