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It really bothers me when other football teams’ fans are Orioles fans. Or when Ravens fans don’t love the O’s. It’s selfish, and a little shameful, but there it is.

I think it’s mostly because I need something to do in the off-season, and that happens to be going to Orioles games. I can’t put down my purple passion after playoffs and then pick it back up for the pre-season. It carries through to everything I do (eternally the cheerleader).

Which is why I get way too upset when people show up to Orioles games in football jerseys that aren’t purple and black. Isn’t there a dress code at Camden Yards? Did that Giants fan show up just to make me mad?

With the Orioles doing so well lately, I know it’s not really fair to want all Orioles fans to be Ravens fans, too. I know that a lot of Baltimore Football Fans found other teams when the Colts left town, still remaining true to their baseball team. I also know how much those O’s love and appreciate all of their fans.

So, I think it’s about time we started having the pride, passion and obsession we have in our football team in our baseball team.

We’ve got the passionate players like the Ravens: the outfielders’ victory leap has all the swag of a Ray Lewis dance. If you’ve never seen Adam Jones dive for a catch, it reminds you of a certain acrobatic Lardarius Webb. And let’s be honest, we know our fans have enough heart to share with another Baltimore team.

Let’s cheer on the O’s for the rest of the season with the ferocity we put into our Ravens. Maybe then we’ll all have a little bragging rights when it comes to baseball playoffs.

I’m up for a Double-Festivus… are you?

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